Save on Inflated Gas Prices and Scrap Your Old Car Today

Image of scrap car being towed

What’s the number one topic on people’s minds these days? You’ve probably guessed it: inflation and the price of gas. They have never been higher, motivating people to find new ways to save money and put dollars back in their pockets.

One of the best ways to do this? Scrap your old car. That old project that you’ve never had the proper time for, that hand-me-down that’s been sitting and not getting used, or that car that won’t start and you’re always one weekend away from getting it fixed so it’s just getting rusty in the back yard or taking up primo space in the garage. Let’s face it, it might just be time to get rid of the old thing. 

The good news is that you can get real cash for your junk car.

If this sounds like the plan for you, here are a few things you should know about how to get cash for your scrap car through scrap car removal.

How to Know When to Scrap Your Car

The basic formula is this: if the cost of repairs (including ones you predict will be needed in the future), maintenance, and ensuring it is safe, is higher than the sale value of the car, it’s probably time to scrap. Especially if you don’t have the skills, time, and money for a restoration, then scrapping the car is a great option that can get you cash, and fast. And the nice thing is, there are scrap removal services for these exact situations so it’s not that time intensive or complicated on your part.

How to Scrap Your Junk Car

If you’ve made the decision that it’s time to scrap, there are a few steps to follow.

  1. Remove all your personal belongings – do a thorough check to make sure everything you own has been removed, including all papers from the glove box, all odds and ends from the trunk, and anything that might have fallen down between the seats.
  2. Cancel your insurance policy – if you’ve still been paying for insurance, this will be a nice call to make!
  3. Get your documents ready – at the very least, you will need to have your driver’s licence ready to show, and other documents like the proof of ownership or title is appreciated if you happen to have it.
  4. Set your expectations – it’s a good idea to banish from your mind how much your vehicle was once worth, or how much it could be worth if you were able to fix and restore it and to accept that cars depreciate a lot by the end of their lives.

After you’ve done this preliminary work, you can make the call to your local cash for scrap car services (like us), who will set up a time to come and remove the car. Most of the time, cars that are getting scrapped are undrivable, so a company like ours will show up to tow the car away.

Other Benefits to Scrapping Your Car

We know that there can be a lot of feelings mixed in with scrapping a car – maybe there is some nostalgia involved, or some disappointment that it’s come to this. But there are actually some good things inherent in scrapping a car.

  • It frees up your space. And won’t it be nice to have your driveway or garage back?
  • You will no longer have to look at the vehicle that’s just sitting there reminding you that you don’t have time to get to it.
  • It’s the environmentally responsible thing to do. We Do Recover Towing will take your vehicle to a regulated and certified recycling centre, so that you can rest assured it will be dismantled and recycled properly, keeping the reusable parts out of the landfill.
  • You’ll get money that same day. Living costs are skyrocketing all around us so we might as well make some moves to turn our trash to cash.

If you’ve got a car that could be scrapped for cash in Surrey, Langley, or surrounding area, give us a call and we’ll talk you through the process today.