First 5 Things to Check If Your Car Breaks Down – Before You Call for a Tow!


What should you do if your car breaks down on the road?


Nobody expects it to happen, but eventually most people experience a problem with their vehicle when driving. If your car does break down, you should take care of five important tasks before calling for a tow.

1. Get Your Vehicle Safely Off the Road

If your car has enough momentum, maneuver it safely off the road. The far right shoulder is usually the safest location. Try to pull your vehicle well ahead of any curves in the road since it will improve visibility for other drivers.


2. Secure Your Car

Put the emergency brake on and turn the steering wheel toward the shoulder of the road to prevent it from accidentally moving.


3. Figure Out Where You Are

As soon as you notice that your vehicle is having trouble, take note of your location. Look for road signs, mile markers, or exit numbers to help identify your location. If you need to call a Local Towing Company, these kind of details will enable them to find you faster, especailly on dark nights.


4. Alert Other Drivers

It’s important that other drivers see your vehicle is broken down and in trouble, so turn on your hazard lights. If you experience problems when it is dark outside, you might want to consider turning on interior lights to make the car more noticeable instead of the hazard lights. Hang a white cloth out of the driver’s window. If you have them, put up flares about 50 feet from the rear of your vehicle.


5. Stay Inside Your Car

It’s a lot safer to remain inside your vehicle while you wait for a tow truck. Keep any passengers and pets inside the car too.


A situation where you are in a Broken Down Vehicle is never a happy situation. But if you follow the above instructions, it will lessen the stress and get you back home safely. Remember if you are in the Langley or Aldergrove area, Call We Do Recover Towing for our Roadside Assistance Service.