Why Scrapping Your Car is Better for the Environment?

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There are many benefits to scrapping your old car. You get to clear out space in your garage or driveway, earn some quick and easy cash, and even help the environment. If you’re tired of looking at that old junk car or are just looking for an updated mode of transportation, then We Do Recover Towing is the team for you. We pay top dollar for scrap vehicles and take care of all the logistics. All you need to do is ring us up and collect your cash, all while knowing your old vehicle is being properly recycled.

While making extra space and earning some cash is obvious enough, here’s how scrapping your junk car help the environment:

Regulated Scrap Car Removal

Established companies such as ours at We Do Recover Towing, are able to safely tow your old vehicle to regulated recycling centres, specifically known to handle cars. Regulated depots practice ethical and environmentally friendly practices to properly recycle the materials from your car. Not only are you helping the environment, but you’re supporting businesses who implement processes to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability.

Re-Using Scrap Metal

While you may not be able to get much use out of your old car, it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Junk cars are of great use to many industries and can minimize the production of new materials. Your old car is made from highly recyclable materials that can be gathered and reused.

When industries manufacture products from recycled materials, their use of finite resources such as oil and carbon is reduced. Rather than source new materials, metal can be collected from scrap cars. This saves up to 85 million barrels of oil per year, simply by re-using scrap metal from cars.

Highly Recyclable

Did you know that over 90% of your old car is fully recyclable? Scrapping your vehicle allows you to minimize the amount of waste in the landfills and prevents further landfills from opening due to overfilling. Not only does this improve the environment but the economy. You can create more jobs in the recycling sector versus the waste industry by scrapping your car.

When you choose scrap car removal, not one part of your car goes to waste, including the:

1. Tires

Did you know that you can recycle rubber? Not only is it doable but it’s the optimal choice for the environment. Burning rubber tires releases dangerous chemicals such as cyanide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Not only is this hazardous to inhale, but it’s highly toxic to the ecosystem as well. You can make tires into swings, rustic gardening containers, and more. However, if you find that you don’t have a need for your old tires, We Do Recover Towing will take them off your hands to properly recycle them.

2. Windshield Glass

In case you hadn’t heard, glass is one of the most recyclable substances on earth. While the process of recycling windshield glass differs from bottles or containers, it’s still highly recyclable. The glass on your car windshield is laminated using a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Professionals must remove this layer to recycle it properly.

3. Battery

Car batteries contain highly toxic and corrosive chemicals which should not end up in the landfill. To dispose of the battery safely and efficiently from your junk car, consult our experts at We Do Recover Towing. Our team can properly recycle your junk car with environmental practices.

4. Steel

Did you know that you can recycle steel an infinite number of times with no loss to the product quality? By scrapping your junk car, you can contribute to reducing pollution rates and increase energy conservation. The steel recycled from six junk cars alone can conserve enough energy to power a 2,000 square-foot home.

How to Recycle Your Scrap Car?

If you’re looking to retire your junk car but want to ensure safe and sustainable recycling practices, our team at We Do Recover Towing are here to help. Our trusted scrap car removal service will take care of everything including assessing, transporting, and recycling your old vehicle. We pay cash for scrap cars in Langley, Aldergrove, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Delta, and many more surrounding areas. Reach out today to make some money, increase your amount of space, and help the environment by scrapping your vehicle.