What Makes Our Scrap Removal Services Simple and Profitable?

Image of scrap car removal towing

How do we make a profit? This is a common question amongst many clients of ours who don’t work in the automotive industry, and it’s a fair question! How we make a profit off buying and towing your scrap cars is an important thing to understand when choosing a service for removing your car. We also recognize how important transparency is to our customers and it’s important to us that you feel fully informed. Below, we’ll outline our business model so that you’re in the know on the inner workings of our scrap vehicle removal company in Abbotsford and the rest of Fraser Valley.

How it works:

We pay you for your scrap car parts so that we can take a piece of junk off your hands with no work on your end. Many of our clients are busy people and don’t have time to hitch a broken vehicle or figure out where to take it. We recognize the desire to get value for your car while also not wanting to put in too much work. Wherever you are, we’ll come to you and pay you in cash on the spot. Regardless of the condition!

When we’ve got the car hooked up, we’ll drive it to either a salvage yard or an auto wrecker for it to be destroyed or recycled for parts. If there are parts we can sell, we’ll sell them at the local salvage yard. If not, we’ll drop your car off at the local auto wrecker. You don’t need to inspect your car ahead of time; we have experts that can distinguish salvageable parts from non-salvageable parts. Like stated, all of this is done on our end. Because this is luck based, this isn’t our primary business facet, but one we definitely enjoy.

Why it works:

1. We pick up a variety of vehicles

We don’t just scoop old junker cars. We pick up abandoned vehicles, ICBC write-offs, commercial vehicles, tractors, farm vehicles, forklifts, in addition to partial or wrecked cars. Because we’re not limited to only a few types of vehicles, we end up picking up a lot of vehicles throughout the week, which allows us to run a business. We aren’t picky, so to speak!

2. We pickup cars from across the lower mainland

Like we said, we really aren’t picky. We mainly pick up old vehicles from properties in Aldergrove, Langley, and Abbotsford. However, we can also venture to other areas such as Surrey, Delta, Cloverdale, White Rock, Maple Ridge, and Chilliwack. Because we don’t limit ourselves to one specific region, we’re able to optimize our business to pick up the largest number of vehicles. This is good for both us and our clients. Regardless of where you are, we can be there.

3. We’re open to recycling

Not all the cars we pickup are junkers. A lot of them are, but sometimes there are pieces we discover that we can sell for a profit. When this happens, we take the parts to the salvage yard to be sold and recycled. This is not only good for us as a business, but it’s better for the environment, too! Recycling old parts helps keep trash out of the landfill and lends itself to a more circular automotive industry; something our grandparents were probably better at than us! By recycling old parts, we’re encouraging a resourceful culture when it comes to the automotive repair industry. Instead of relying on a culture that encourages car owners to buy new parts every time something breaks.

4. We already have tow trucks on hand!

Because we offer a variety of other services including towing and emergency servicing, we already have the equipment available to tow your old scrapper. It makes logical sense to us to pay clients who give us their scrappers if the clients who have expensive cars pay us to move them. That way we’re able to service a variety of clients’ needs and do so in a way that’s adaptive to each client’s interests.

Whether you have a scrap car or an expensive car that needs towing, we’ve got the equipment and wherewithal to tow your vehicle wherever it needs to be. Whether it’s the salvage yard or the car show, we’ve got space for you on any of our tow trucks.